Nets of Wonder For a Cause

Inspired by recent protests over the murder of George Floyd and the ongoing, systemic racism plaguing the United States, these special edition Nets of Wonder represent the solidarity and action of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

As with many of our Nets, a "blue marble" is the centerpiece of this design - representing the earth and our global community as captured in the famous photo by crew members of Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972, 18,000 miles from the planet's surface. The marble is cradled by an intricately woven black net to symbolize the collective effort to end racism and hate against our black communities.

Hand crafted using organic hemp/bamboo cord and recycled glass marbles, this unique Net is a great way to continue showing your solidarity and support for the Black Lives Matter movement, long after the protests have subsided and people aren’t carrying signs anymore. It's a thoughtful and responsible reminder to never forget... BLACK LIVES MATTER!

We will tag you in a post showing the donation receipts for each week. All profits will be donated to organizations dedicated to advocating against systemic and overt racism, funding communities of color and providing educational resources for allies.